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Princeton University Class of 1979 Annual Giving Report
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Annual Giving Report

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July 2015

From our outstanding AG team:
Overall, this year's 2014-2015 results were spectacular, with contributions totaling an astounding $61.5 million at a participation rate of 60.3%.

Our class, as always, contributed in a very meaningful way. This year, in the first campaign following our record-setting 35th Reunion performance (a record that still stands), 484 classmates (or 45.4%) contributed almost $518,000.

As you know, the unrestricted funds of Annual Giving make a direct impact in the lives of current students, through distinguished faculty, an incredible residential campus, and unparalleled library, laboratory and computing resources. Rick, Weezie and I thank you so very much for your support of Annual Giving.

Rick Grove and Don Seitz, Class Agents
Weezie Sams, Special Gifts Chair

The overall AG total for 2013-14 was also a record $61,490,178 with 60.3% of undergraduate alumni participating.

Our class total giving now equals $24,214,077. We are sixth on the all-time list of cumulative class contributions. Among the top 10 Classes in all-time giving, only the Class of 1983 is younger than us and most of the other 8 are at least a decade older than us. The closest older class (in age) to us is 1970; they are just over $5 million ahead of us, but have had two extra major reunions 'in the bank.'

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