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This content is ancient - stay tuned for an updated page!

Class Dinner During Reunions

Join with your classmates for the second annual off-year Class Dinner at Reunions. Last year a great time was had by all attendees. BUT WE NEED YOUR RSVP ASAP as we have to turn in a count by May 5. The dinner will be in the Wu Hall Dining Room, part of Butler College (just to the west of Wilcox Hall, Wilson College and north of the defunct New New Quad). If you are bringing a guest/spouse, please update the count and include their name(s) in the comment box. RSVP here.

Reunions 2010

Another excellent Reunion is behind us. The weather held up well for Princeton in the spring (the only real rain was Thursday night). A good showing of classmates returned. We had our first Friday night class dinner, and, while sparsely attended (9 classmates, 13 total), we had a great time. So start making plans to join us next year!

One item I thought you would find interesting, and perhaps a bit reminiscent of Reunions in our early (?younger) days, appeared in the June issue of Gentleman's Quarterly. No, I don't read this, but my wife was told about it and reported back. Read it here.

Reunions 2007!

The following classmates signed in or were spotted at Reunions:.
Paul Anderson
Greg Arzoomanian
Richard Bartlett
Scott Bennewitz
Christine Brady
Marie Chan (w/husband Bill Casp '76)
Nancy Crocker
John Currier
Keith Ely
Norma Iris Garcia
Lewis Gasorek
Robert Gross
Rick Grove
Prentis Hall
Mark Hallam
Diane Warner Hasling
Julian Heller
Dana & Victor Hoffsteter
Alison Hughes
Leon Kalvaria
Gary King
Laurie Landeau
Bob Largey
Debbie Stempel Liebeskind
Chris Loughran
Hank Lubin
Roger Lustig
Henry Maguire
Patti McClary
Mary Novotny McIntire
Mitch Moloney
Yina Moore
Bruce Peterson
Wendy Gordon Rockefeller
Don Seitz
Jeff Shaw
Larry Studnicky
Mary Sykes
David Urquia
Marguerite Hadley Vera
Stephen Wilson
George Wood

A Day in the Vines with '79

Princeton Class of '79 Trip to Napa Valley
Weekend of July 29, 2006

As you read in the class letter, classmate David Parker, founder and CEO of Brentwood Wine Company, volunteered to arrange a weekend of winery tours and tasting in Napa Valley, California. This was attended by a number of classmates with spouses and families. A great time was had by all. Benson Tongue sent along an annotated photo album. You should check it out!

Reunions 2006

It may still be cold outside (at least in Princeton), but Reunions are not that far away! Make your plans now to join us in June in Princeton for our 27th Reunion. We are planning a class lunch Saturday before the P-rade, probably on the Wilcox patio as we did last year. Watch this space for further details. Here is the tentative Reunion Activities Schedule for the Class of '81, with whom we are a satellite. As has been our tradition, reunion attendance is free to those classmates whose dues are paid. If you are not sure if you have paid your dues, click here for the list.

Alumni Day -- February 25, 2006

We had a good turnout at Alumni Day this year. The following classmates were present: President Diane Hasling, Hank Lubin, Gary King, Bob Largey and wife Marianne, Greer Phillips, John Courier, Margarite Hadley Vera, Wheezie Sams, Yuan Shih and family, Ellen Lack Wright and family, Mark Hornung and Simone Schloss. Jim Sturm of the Engineering School was a panelist for a session entitled "Critical Issues for Intellectual Property."

As part of the Alumni Day program, the Service of Remembrance in the Chapel honored four of our classmates lost this year. Classmate Phil Rogers suffered a stroke on December 26 and died December 31, 2005. In his memory, Phil's family has created the Phil Rogers Rugby Prize in his honor, to be given each year to the junior member of the team who has done the most for Princeton Rugby. You can donate to the fund by sending contributions to: The Philip Alan Rogers Memorial Rugby Fund, C/0 Andrea Baumann Lustig, Stralem & Company, Inc., 645 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Andrea can also be reached by email.

Also, Dwight Coleman, David Hackley and Charles Wilson died during the past year and were remembered at the Service.

After the Service of Remembrance, we joined with the classes of 1976-1978 in hosting a reception in the Chancellor Green Cafe (formerly the Chancellor Green Student Center). They have done an amazing job renovating all of East Pyne; I did not even recognize the inside of the building.

Past Mini Reunions / Regional Events

We have been holding class gatherings at various places around the country, usually in conjunction with University sponsored events. Your class officers are beginning the planning of a series of regional events / mini reunions. The first gathering was in Southern California, January 27, 2005, as part of President Tilghman's Town Meeting with alumni. A reception followed. Classmates in attendance included Simon Chan, Eliav Dahan, Norma Iris Garcia, Sean O'Byrne, and William Vickery (and spouse). The next regional event was April 29-30 in St. Louis as part of the Princeton University Regional Conference. Fairfield Connecticut was the site for a Town Meeting with President Shirley Tilghman on May 3, 2005. This was at the Stamford Marriott. There were three alumni-student receptions: New York City (Monday, June 27), Los Angeles (Thursday, July 7) and Philadelphia (Tuesday, July 12).

We had a "class trip" to hear Terry Silverlight and his band play at Birdland Jazz Club in New York City on August 5, 2005. Classmates attending included class president Diane Hasling and husband Bill, class secretary Marianne Eismann and husband Alex Benes, Gary King, Rich Weiss and wife Meryl, Hank Lubin with wife Sandi and son Jeremy (an NYU freshman this year). See the Terry Silverlight page for details and photos.

More events to come. Stay tuned....