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We have begun to build a database of the schools (both undergraduate and graduate) that our offspring are attending or have attended. We would like you to enter your child(ren), if they are in or past college or graduate school. This will allow other classmates whose children are exploring educational opportunities, to use your and your child(ren)'s experiences as a guide. If you list a phone number or email address, this will indicate your willingness to be contacted to discuss a college/grad school or area of interest.
Use this link to enter/update your child(ren)'s information. By keeping their phone numbers and email addresses current, even after they graduate, you will make it easier for classmates to contact you or your kids.

Enter/Update Data

Use this link to search the database for offspring who have attended selected schools or who have majored in areas your child(ren) might be interested in. You can contact these students by phone or email, if that information has been supplied.

Search/Display Data