Have you paid your dues this year? You can check. How about Last Year?
If not, you can pay them from this page.

Current Fiscal Year: 2023

Payment Status:

Payment Options:

NOTES About Paying Online Via PayPal:
  • If you Login first, you won't have to select yourself from the class list.
  • When you click the pay online via PayPal link above, you may see a yellow bar across the top of the form (or similar notice) warning you about active content. This is just some simple JavaScript; nothing which will harm your computer. You must click this line, select Allow Active Content, and then click Yes (in Internet Explorer; Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and other browsers have similar text). Otherwise the form will not total your contribution properly and the PayPal pages will not function properly.
  • Once you complete the initial form, you will be taken to secure PayPal pages to complete the transaction. The Class never receives your credit card or bank account information, but the payment is credited to the Class account through PayPal. Upon completion, please click the link on the confirmation page to return to the class website.
  • As a backup, you will receive an email with a long link. If you can not complete the process through PayPal initially, go back to your email and click this link, which should take you to the PayPal page. We have found that this works when the normal process does not. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Finally, though I have tested this process, I can not guarantee that you will not encounter a problem. If you do have any problems, please let me know, with as much detail, including screen shots, as you can supply.

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