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Here you can maintain your information.
  • Please go to the Contact Info tab first. Here you can verify/edit your name, phone(s) and email address(es).
  • All of the information requested is voluntary, but the more you tell us about yourself, the more we'll know about you!
  • Use the Profile Photo section on this tab to upload a current photo (so we can see how well you have aged! - you may change it at any time). You may upload additional photos to the Photo Album on the Photos tab or via the Photo Album Upload option on the Classmates Menu.
  • Use the Notifications tab to determine which types of website updates we notify you about.
  • Note: All information will be kept behind a login for privacy and will be visible to Classmates only.
  • Work through the tabs above in any order; you can always come back later.
  • The Action Buttons (Save, etc.) will apply to ALL tabs, not just the visible one.

Profile Photo

Contact Information

If you make changes here and leave the box checked (), we will send those changes on to the University. Uncheck the box(es) (☐) if you do not want us to notify them.  
Name & DOB
1) If you give us address info here, we can save you typing it on forms later. An alert symbol (⚠️) by an item means the address check with the Postal Service found a discrepancy. 2) Mark one of your addresses as Primary. This is the address we will use for most paper correspondence. 3) You MUST save any address additions/changes with one of the Save Address buttons below before clicking the Save Entry button or moving to another address!
Address(es) on file: We have no address(es) on file for you.  
Address Type:
Indicate the dates this address is in use or if it is year round, and whether mail can be received here
      In use from to   or   year-round
      Can receive mail
      Entered:     Modified:
Action Buttons:                  
We would like at least one phone number for you. Please select the radio button for your primary phone. Select a carrier for mobile numbers.
ERROR: You entered a Phone Number but did not select a Phone Type. Please correct.
Since most of our communications with the Class will be by email, we need at least one email address for you. Please select the radio button for your primary address.
ERROR: You entered an Email Address but did not select an Email Type. Please correct.
Warning: You selected Email Notifications but have not supplied an Email Address. Please correct.
Social Media Links
Select the Social Media Sites that you would like us to know that you use.


Sites on File for you: NO RECORDS FOUND.

Academic Information


College Affinity Groups
We are interested in knowing which groups and activities you were part of on campus way back when.
Current Affinity Groups on File:


Graduate Degree(s)
Tell us about any Graduate Degrees / Certifications / Awards you would like us to know about.
Click Add Degree to add this degree to your list below:  
Graduate Degrees on File for you: