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Reunions 2024 🔸 May 23-26, 2024
This is the place to find everything about our upcoming 45th Reunion. Plans continue to evolve, so check back often!
45th Reunion Logo




Follow these steps to learn about and register for our 45th Reunion!
  • This page is divided into two main sections: Action Steps and Information Blocks.
  • Please work through the Action Items. You may return at any time to finish/supplement/update your entries.
  • If you have any questions, you may contact any of our Reunion Committee Members (see the Committee Section below).
  • There are time deadlines, which are specified in the appropriate section below. Please pay attention to them.
  • If you have not been receiving 45th Reunion emails from Wit & Blair, and from our Co-Chairs, please update your email address via the Update Demographics Page on the Classmates Menu. You can see the emails previously sent on the Class Emails page on the Class Menu.
  • There are still opportunities to get involved with Reunion Planning. See the list of Committees and where volunteers are needed below. If you are interested, contact either of our Reunion Co-Chairs (Kathy Reimann or Marguerite Vera) at Reunions@Princeton79.org, or any of our subcommittee chairs (see the Roster below).
  • 45th Reunion Attire information has been posted in the Attire / Costume / Swag section below.
“Family Classics”
Building on our popular (and award winning) We are Family 40th Reunion theme, and riffing on our wonderfully drawn ’79 Family logo, cartoonist ’79er Phil Witte has adorned our Tiger avatars with some of the classic elements of ’79 reunions past.
Registered Classmates
Current Registrations: There are 320 Classmates and 489 Total People Registered.

Use the buttons below to either see who has registered or see who has not and encourage / cajole / bribe them to attend!
(Login to see contact information.)

Action Steps


  • On-line Registration is closed but you can still register on-site when you arrive. Payment is by credit card.
  • As plans firm up we will update you, so make sure your email address is up-to-date with TigerNet and with us.
  • You will need a TigerNet login to register. If you do not yet have one, or don't recall your credentials, click the TigerNet Registration button below.
  • You will also need to be registered for this website to complete some of the functions (I know, but there was no alternative). If you have not registered for this site, click the Class of ’79 Website Registration button below.
Reunion Registration Pricing and dates are as follows:
ClassmateAdult Guest Child
Early RegistrationUntil Feb 15 $525$300$125
Regular RegistrationFeb 16 - Mar 31 $575$350$125
Late RegistrationAfter Mar 31 $625$400$125
On-Line Registration ClosesMay 15 Register On-Site at Reunions
We have Financial Aid available for Classmates for whom these prices are a hardship. Please contact Class President Phil Hueber for details and an application. All financial aid applications will be kept strictly confidential.

The Yearbook is Open
Create your page!
After a great response for our 25th, participation rates dropped significantly for the subsequent Reunions. We hope to get back to impressive response levels this time.

You should have received an invitation at the email address that was listed as your primary TigerNet email address on February 1. If you no longer have access to that email address, or misplaced the email that was sent, you can email the BrightCrowd manager for assistance.
We are still looking for Classmates to help out as Editors/Proofreaders. Click the volunteer button below if you are interested.
From the University: Golf cart rentals are available for Reunions attendees with mobility impairments. Due to a limited supply of golf carts, rentals are only available for senior alumni with mobility impairments and alumni with a medical condition or permanent disability. The University reserves the right to ask for a copy of a state-issued HC ID card, HC license plate or HC placard.
If your need lies outside of these terms, the University provides campus shuttles that run continuously during Reunions, as well as a robust golf cart transport service for alumni and guests called Reunions Rover. Reunions Rover carts, driven by students, circulate within the campus with stops at headquarters sites and program locations throughout the weekend.
Cost: 4-seater cart, 3-day rental: $625.00; 4-seater cart, P-rade only rental: $315.00
If you have any questions or need assistance placing an order for a golf cart, please contact Hannah Marino using the button below or call her at 609-258‐1711.
   See also the University's Wayfinding App, which includes accessibility factors for routes on campus:   
Service Project

Note: This Program is on ***Thursday***
from 9 AM to 2 PM!
Reader OKR
Our service project for this Reunion is Our Kids Read (OKR), and is led by Bernadette Weeks & Michael Jackson. The Our Kids Read program was begun by Jahmal Lake ’98. It was conceived in 2006 and incorporated in 2019.
  • Our Kids Read, in partnership with the Class of ’79, and with the support of APGA (the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni), will bring a group of 5th graders from the Thomas Jefferson Intermediate School in Trenton to campus for a day of literacy and mentorship. This program will feature events at the Cotsen Children's Library in Firestone, a campus tour, storytelling and, of course, free books for every student
  • This program has two parts: Participation and Donation.
    • Participation: We are asking you to arrive on campus by Thursday morning to participate in the program by reading, mentoring or just helping out. Click the Volunteer button below to let us know to expect you and indicate what time you will arrive. A detailed schedule should be available soon.
    • Donation: Additionally, you can support this program in one or both of two ways:
      • This option is closed Purchase books through the OKR page to be donated to the students at a 'book fair' at the end of the day.
      • Donate cash to help cover the cost of the program. Donate to the Class with the Support The Program button below, or donate to OKR on their page, or both.
  • Use the Volunteer to Help button to join us on Thursday. Indicate in the body of the Contact Form that you would like to participate and when you will arrive.
  • You can read about this program below and watch a video about the type of events they hold (video password: okr12345).
Demographics Update
In addition to the Yearbook, which collects limited demographic information about you, you can use the Demographics Update form to provide us with additional information about you and your family. All of the sections/questions are voluntary.

Informational Blocks

Committee Roster
All of the work of putting on a major Reunion is done by more than 30 Classmate Volunteers. See a complete list of Reunion Sub-Committees and members. Contact our Reunion Co-Chairs (Kathy Reimann & Marguerite Vera) to volunteer.
Events Schedule
There is a full program of events, including the always-popular Alumni Faculty Fora. We have 4 classmates on panels and one moderator. See the Class of '79 Schedule or the full Reunion Schedule for details.

Reunion Emails, typically sent by Wit or his litter-mates, began in February, 2023. Haven't been receiving them? Update your email address! (Best way: complete the Demographics Update Form (Classmates Menu), or click the button below). Click the Reunion Emails button to read those you have missed!
The bands are booked! And the party is about to begin! Check their websites for a preview, and polish up your dancing shoes!
Alumni Faculty Fora
A Reunion Favorite, the Alumni Faculty Fora are back. We are excited to let you know that 4 ’79ers will be speaking on AFF panels and a 5th will Moderate. Details are on the Class Schedule and the full University schedules linked above.
Attire / Costume / Swag
Mary Bechmann is all over this, and has put together an amazing package, including a new, light-weight jacket. Click the View button below for more details and photos.
The 45th Reunion is headquartered in Holder Courtyard. We will post maps and other details as we finalize them.
Some information about housing:
  • As always, on-campus beds are very limited. We have been allocated 60 beds for Classmates.
  • They will likely all be in the Holder Courtyard area, so not air-conditioned. Linens are not included, so you must bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc.
  • We have also been allocated some rooms at the Seminary. These are all singles, with shared bathrooms, and with linens included.
  • Rooms in both locations are for Thursday through Sunday morning and must be vacated by noon Sunday.
  • You may request one or more beds as part of your Registration. The system knows our allocation, so if it allows you to request and pay for a bed(s), you have a bed. After our quota is met, it will put you on the waiting list.
  • Once we know who has reserved a bed, and which rooms we have to work with, we will assign your bed/room.
  • See the University Reunion page on Housing & Transportation for hotel shuttle and parking information.
Memorial Service
The Class Memorial Service is scheduled for 1 PM Friday in the Commons Room at Headquarters. It is being organized by Jane Abernethy. Contact her if you would like to help.
As always, parking for Reunions is in short supply. The University has 3 parking garages and limited surface parking lots (green areas on the map). It is recommended that, if you are staying in a hotel, leave your car there and use the shuttles. You can also park in the Princeton Junction train station parking lot and take the dinky to campus.
Planning for the P-rade, including band(s), is in the capable hands of Phil Hueber and The Voice of the P-rade, Gary King. For band information, see Entertainment above.
Rick Curtis has taken on this task. Let him know if you would like to help or have ideas.
Things To Do
There is more to Reunions than what occurs on-campus. If you have some time, visit some of these off-campus venues, many of which are walking distance from campus.