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-- Separate Search Terms with blank spaces - example: 'Bahamas Cruise'
-- Search Terms are not case sensitive
-- This function will only search text portions of the items, not text in images
Boolean Operators you may use:
-- If you want to match a phrase exactly, enclose it in double quotes: "Bahamas Cruise" will not match 'Bahamas' or 'Cruise' or 'Bahamas Beach Cruise'
-- Search terms have an implied OR between them, so 'Bahamas Cruise' (without the double quotes) will find items containing 'Bahamas' and/or 'Cruise' and will find 'Bahamas Beach Cruise'
-- To require that a term be present in the result, precede it with a plus sign: 'Bahamas +Cruise' - this will find all Cruise items, including those to the 'Bahamas' while '+Bahamas +Cruise' will only find cruises to the Bahamas, but the terms do not have to be together as with "Bahamas Cruise"
-- To exclude a term, precede it with a minus sign: '-Bahamas Cruise' - this will find all cruises except those to the Bahamas
-- You can use a wildcard character (*) at the end of a term - example 'Presiden*' will find President, Presidential, President-elect, Presidency, etc.
If you would like to submit projects that you (or a classmate) have been involved with (books, articles, plays, commentary, music, videos, blogs, anything really), pleaseand we will post it ASAP.
We use the term Publication to include all types of publications: Books, Articles, Plays, Movies, Music, Newsletters, Editorials, Blogs, Podcasts, etc. Pretty much anything put out there for the public counts.
You can select your display parameters using the Filters above:
  • Classmate(s): Who to include in the report
  • Type(s) of Publications to include
  • Classmate Roles in those Publications
  • Publication Years to include
  • And the Search Button, which will allow you to search for specified terms
OR You can build your report by using the Quick Pick options below. The report will include
  • All Classmates, All Publication Types, All Classmate Roles
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