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This page is an archive of news and events, in reverse chronological order (newest at the top).
Check the dates before you attempt to sign up for something which already took place!
News -- October 3, 2019

Lily McNair -- Thrive: Empowering & Celebrating Princeton's Black Alumni
The THRIVE 2019 Conference featured a panel on Perspectives in Higher Education with our own Lily D. McNair, President, Tuskegee University, along with Ruth Simmons, President, Prairie View A&M University and Christopher Eisgruber '83, President, Princeton University.

[Link]Link [Link]Link

Entered: July 26, 2022

News -- May 22, 2021

Robert Largey -- Pandemic P-rade Persists
P-RAIDERS: Rogue alumni showed up on Princeton’s campus on the Saturday afternoon of Reunions to carry out the P-rade tradition, even though the weekend’s festivities had been moved online. If you squint and look behind the 1974 banner, you can see our own intrepid Bob Largey and Prentis Hall carrying the 1979 banner, allowing Bob to rightfully claim that he has never missed a P-rade!


Entered: July 26, 2022

News -- June 28, 2022

Mark Sidel -- Mark Sidel elected to the board of directors of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICN
Congratulations to Mark Sidel, who has been elected to the board of directors of the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL), a Washington-based international organization that works in more than 80 countries around the world to improve the legal environment for civil society, philanthropy, and public participation. Sidel has worked with ICNL for many years as consultant for Asia with a focus on the legal and policy environment for civil society and philanthropy in China, India, and Vietnam.


Entered: July 3, 2022

News -- July 1, 2022

Somers Randolph ’79 enjoyed whittling wood as a child, but eventually found his way to carving stone. Randolph decided by the time he was a teenager to become a sculptor and earned his degree in art history from Princeton. The Santa Fe, New Mexico-based artist has spent the last half-century working with stone. He has become known for the dramatic loops and curves of his carvings, like the one pictured here. Although carving stone is physically grueling, Randolph enjoys the challenge. “I love the idea that when you take a stone piece home, it is your piece and you’re the only one that has it.” He adds, “It will outlast everything we know.”


Entered: July 3, 2022


Constance Hale Ganahl -- Collaborating on "Oaktown" with Malcolm Ryder ('76)
Classmates, one of my latest journalistic projects has been to collaborate with photographer Malcolm Ryder ('76) on "Oaktown," a sprawling bit of reportage looking at Oakland in a new way. A series from the project, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Kasper's," will be exhibited for the first time on June 26 in San Francisco.


Entered: June 27, 2022

News -- May 1, 2021

Gary King -- Gary King - Voice of the P-rade -- From the Alumni Association Page in PAW
Gary was featured as the Voice of the P-rade in the May 2021 issue of PAW. Check it out!


Entered: June 25, 2022


David Kelley -- The Second Coming of David E. Kelley
This week, Netflix unveils a new drama series from one of the most successful TV creators of all time—its second, in fact, inside of a month—with a third coming soon. David's latest is The Lincoln Lawyer, which follows Anatomy of a Scandal and precedes an adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s A Man in Full.
These join Big Sky, which was renewed for a third season, and his prior projects: The Practice, Ally McBeal, Doogie Howser, MD, Picket Fences, Boston Legal, Boston Public, and Chicago Hope, Big Little Lies, Nine Perfect Strangers, The Wedding Bells, The Missing, Harry's Law, among others, and his extensive work on LA Law.

[Link]Link [Link]Link [Link]Link

Entered: June 2, 2022


Christine Brady -- Christine Brady running for Mayor of Chula Vista, California
Christine Brady is running for Chula Vista mayor, a seat being vacated by Mayor Mary Casillas Salas. Brady is a write-in candidate, qualifying with enough verified signatures with the City Clerk’s office on May 9. Brady’s name will not appear on the ballot but can be written-in on mail ballots and at election polls, there is a dropdown menu of qualified write-in candidates to choose from.

Running nonpartisan, 64-year-old Brady said she considered running for city council, but lives in District 4, and that is when people began telling her that she should run for mayor.

“If they elect me for mayor, it will not be the same ol’ same ol’,” she said. “I do not have big endorsements and I do not have big money running my campaign.”
Brady said she believes that her experience is her best tool in challenging other candidates for the mayor’s seat.

“I am the only candidate that has real community development experience,” she said. “I have been working in the trenches for 34 years. Working with the people. Listening to their needs. Developing solutions to the problems. And, I have been very successful. Now, I would like to apply the same strategies to the problems in Chula Vista. It is in the process of transitioning from a small town to a medium-sized city that still does not recognize itself as a large city. It needs certain social institutions that benefit the entire population that it does not have currently.”

Brady said her interest is in applying viable solutions to the city’s homeless population, addressing the high costs of living, bringing in more educational opportunities, bringing more art and culture into the city, upgrading schools, strengthening police, bringing more jobs in Chula Vista, and creating a border friendly city that welcomes workers.
Brady earned her bachelor’s degree in Physics at Princeton University and her master’s degree in Material Science & Engineering from Stanford University. Brady studied ballet professionally in New York City from the age of 11 to 18 and teaches adult ballet at the Coronado Adult School.

Brady founded the Americas Foundation in Tijuana in 1989, to promote binational community development at the US/Mexico border providing direct aid to disadvantaged children in the area. The Foundation supports the La Esperanza schools of Tijuana. The Jardin de Niños La Esperanza kindergarten, and Colegio La Esperanza elementary and high schools. The Jardin de Niños La Esperanza kindergarten was designed and built by artist/architect James Hubbell.

La Esperanza schools provide poor children with the opportunity to develop their different talents and give them an example of a positive community service project, so that in 30 years they will create effective and beautiful social institutions that are needed; hospitals, museums, universities, schools, or parks, and likewise dedicate themselves to activities constructive to their communities, said Brady. She said the schools focus on education through art and music.

“I have successfully solved social issues in a beautiful way that has improved a community,” she said. “I also have the experience of being a principal of a kindergarten, elementary and high school where I have dealt with thousands of parents.”

“I have the recognition of the need for arts education and a cultural center in Chula Vista,” she said. “With dance and art studios as well as performing arts, spaces, galleries and museums, and a youth orchestra. There is no art in Chula Vista. Bringing art, and having art being part of the public space, will increase the value and bring more visitors, especially with the billion dollar project on the bayfront where they are building a resort. I think the project should have been negotiated so that there are more services for residents in Chula Vista, as well as tourists. I think everyone should have their own art. It will sustain them throughout their life. It will make them more committed to the community. Even after school programs do not have the materials that they need. The more society does for our young people, the better society we will have for the future.”

Brady said to cut violence and crime in the future, the city must invest more into the youth of the city. “I initiated a program in Tijuana called More Art is Equal to Less Violence,” she said.

Brady said she has a plan for the unsheltered that includes small homes they could use for two years while they are in treatment programs at a new mental health facility.

“This is a much more viable plan than what they are spending $7 million on right now,” she said. “I would like to see a person in the municipal government who is like a homeless czar, who studies the homeless problems and helps come up with different proposals.”
Brady said the college district is a great plan, but it is “way over on the east side” and for another UC for Chula Vista. Brady said the city needs to improve more east to west public transportation and would like to see a trolley line going to the college district.

“Basically, I think the college district will solve problems,” she said. “All housing and businesses around a university increase in value. I think there is the need for another UC in the South Bay. Eventually they will do more development around the university and provide more housing. Other amenities will naturally come about as businesses will be around the university.”

Brady said with Southwestern turning more with four-year degrees, there will be two colleges on the east side, but there is something needed in western Chula Vista. Brady said she wants a Chula Vista center for educational excellence, which would bring jobs at various levels to Chula Vista and upgrade the community significantly.

“I am proposing a new community college for the west side of Chula Vista. More attention between the city and the public schools, to ensure schools have sporting equipment, coaches, arts programs, and better architecture.”

Brady said the Chula Vista Adult School needs significant upgrading with better installations and more certificate programs.

“Most of the schools in Chula Vista are just converted trailers,” she said. “They even sacrificed an entire remodeling grant and decided to put in solar panels instead.”
Brady said when it comes to the bayfront development, she believes that Chula Vista has a unique character being so close to the border.

“I was very sad that they did not incorporate something architecturally to reflect that character,” she said. “I have seen absolutely gorgeous modern resorts down in Mexico. The building they are building looks like something you could put in Singapore. It does not reflect the character of this region. It does not seem like they negotiated for the resident population to be able to use facilities. They are hoping it will create a lot of jobs, but I think it is only going to create a certain level of jobs, house cleaning and construction, hospitality and a little bit with events. Educational centers would bring in more innovation with highly educated people. We will have to see how much it costs the city of Chula Vista and what the benefits will be.”

Brady said west Chula Vista needs upgrading, but she does not want to see people pushed out of their homes, and she also does not want to see large apartment buildings built with insufficient parking, creating more traffic and parking issues in the area.

“I think more study needs to be done on how to preserve the single home communities that we have and at the same time try to meet the requirements for more housing,” she said. “I do not think the city has been creative. They have not brought in more urban planning people. It is all top down and the community does not have much input. I am a big believer in talking with the community and finding out what their needs are and trying to address the need. I think we need to improve the communication between the people, the city, and the powers that be.”


Entered: May 22, 2022

News -- March 13, 2022

Robert Goldberg -- Rob Goldberg on the History Channel -- The Death of Jesse James & Bloody Sunday
Rob has story produced two episodes for the History Channel program 'I Was There.' The first, 'The Death of Jesse James,' aired 3/14/2022, and the second, 'Bloody Sunday - The 1965 Civil Rights March from Selma to Montgomery,' aired 4/18/2022. They can be watched on the History Channel Website at any time.

From the History Channel website: “I Was There,” offers an immersive trip back in time, placing host Theo Wilson—the grandson of a Tuskegee Airman with a passion for history—at the center of some of the world’s most impactful events, to deconstruct how they truly unfolded. Through original archival material, expert testimony and dramatic re-creations using CGI technology to place Wilson in the scene, the series features surprising perspectives on some of the most pivotal moments in history. Wilson is a fly on the wall as he breaks down the barrier between the audience and the action to revisit a series of critical historical events, disasters, triumphs and true stories to learn unexpected facts in an engaging, fast-moving, and often unpredictable way.

Entered: March 15, 2022

News -- November 30, 2021

Kryston Fischer -- Kryston Fischer on Jeopardy!
Kryston Fischer appeared on the November 30, 2021 episode of Jeopardy! (Episode #8522; Season 2021, Episode 57). While she did not win, she was up against a formidable opponent (who is 4th in all-time regular show winnings, 6th in all-time winnings and 7th in consecutive games won as of this writing). But, hey, just 'making the cut' is impressive!

Entered: December 26, 2021


Classmate Memorials Program
We have brought our classmate memorials on-line. And now you can add your own thoughts, comments, memories AND PHOTOS! Explore it at your leisure, and help us complete the missing memorials by contacting Class Memorialists Jane Abernethy & Steve Bingaman. Check it out and let us know what you think. Click the link in the menu (under Classwide Pages) or click here.

Entered: June 1, 2021


The Princetoniana Committee would like your help with a new project, documenting alumni reactions to the COVID pandemic. Please answer, using a word document and the format of your choice (poetry, bullet points, sentences) two questions in 250 words or less: (1) What impact has the pandemic had on your life? (2) What impact has the pandemic had on your connection to Princeton? Please add your name and class year at the top of the page. Then sign and date the attached Release Form and email both to Kathy Reimann. You may also include a photo of yourself. The Pandemic Reflections will become an exhibit in the Princetoniana Virtual Museum to document for generations to come this time in our history.

Entered: February 21, 2021


Jeff Shallit elected to the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters
Classmate Jeff Shallit was elected to the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters for 2020. He was one of five foreign members elected. "The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters is a broad-based learned society with the principal aim of promoting scientific research and acting as a bond between those engaged in advanced research. Members of the Academy are at the top of their profession, and being invited as a member constitutes a distinguished achievement in a scientist’s career."


Entered: October 4, 2020


'79 Authors & Artists Series -- Making Mischief with Words: A Conversation with Constance Hale and Billy Aronson
Join us for the first in the series: Making Mischief with Words: A Conversation with Constance Hale and Billy Aronson on Saturday, September 26th at 12 Noon ET. The program will run approximately 90 minutes, including 30 minutes of Q&A. We are so excited that Connie and Billy have agreed to share with us the ongoing obsession with words and writing that began fueling their conversations and their humor back in Terrace Club days. They will discuss their work, evolution as writers and experiences in honing their craft. Read more about Connie, Billy and their work below—this is a conversation that you will not want to miss!

Register in advance for this live event and participant Q&A.

Described by one reviewer as 'Marian the Librarian on a Harley or E.B. White on Acid,' Connie is a San Francisco-based writer, journalist, editor, and the author of books including the acclaimed 'Sin and Syntax: How to Craft Wickedly Effective Prose.' (You may also have seen her profiles in PAW.) After graduating with an English degree and 'absolutely no idea how to become a writer,’ Connie wrote poetry and short stories and performed monologues in San Francisco coffeehouses, teaching composition to pay the bills. An MA in Journalism from UC Berkeley propelled her to a news desk, where she made fellow reporters her guinea pigs as she wrote books that popularized her madcap methods: Wired Style (1996), Sin and Syntax (1999 and 2013), Vex, Hex, Smash, Smooch (2012), and Writing Character (2019). Connie also continues to write straight journalism on a range of topics: national politics, Latino culture, contemporary art, Hawaiian sovereignty. Connie has edited three dozen books, including Imagine: Reflections on Peace (2020). Having grown up in Hawai‘i, but living in Oakland, California, Hale slakes her homesickness by dancing the hula. Check out sinandsyntax.com, and the following links opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/tag/writing-lessons/ paw.princeton.edu/article/mississippi-eyes.

Billy is a five-time Emmy award-winning playwright/screenwriter in NYC. Billy’s plays have premiered at Playwrights Horizons, Woolly Mammoth, and Ensemble Studio Theatre, and been published in 6 volumes of Best American Short Plays. His work in the musical theater includes the original concept/additional lyrics for the Broadway musical Rent. His funny science books (They Came from DNA) have been burned in Turkey. TV credits include co-creating the PBS Kids show Peg + Cat, writing for Beavis and Butt-head, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Sesame Street and Wonder Pets. Emmy Awards. With wife Lisa Vogel he co-created their animated offspring Jake and Anna. Visit BillyAronson.com
Other suggested reading/viewing:
• One-act play collection Funny Shorts
• Online performances of Negotiation, Complete Unknowns
Clip from Peg + Cat

Entered: September 1, 2020


The Satan and Adam Blues Revue
From Adam Gussow: Exciting news! My Blues Doctors duo has recently joined forces with a remarkable young Atlanta-based singer/dancer and motivational speaker named Rod Patterson: "Sir Rod," the kids call him when he does his anti-bullying presentations.
He happens to be Mr. Satan's nephew. Sterling Magee was a part of his household in the early 1980s, only a few year before Magee and I hooked up on the streets of Harlem.
Rod saw the documentary Satan & Adam and contacted me. "You were my father's apprentice," he said. "Now I want to be your apprentice. Blues is where I'm headed."
He's been presenting one-man shows featuring the music of Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, James Brown, and Michael Jackson for many years. He's got the voice and moves. Now he's our new front man.
A couple of weeks ago we recorded most of a new album that we're calling Brother Sterling. It's a tribute to his uncle and my longtime partner, featuring songs that Satan and Adam recorded and performed, and I'm blown away by how tight and right it sounds. I'll have more news closer to our planned mid-May release date. Meanwhile, here's a little preview. See all of Adam's current newsletter here.

See also Adam's recent Newsletters here, here, here, here, here and here.

Entered: January 26, 2020


Terry Silverlight in Bronx USA on HBO & His New Album is available
Catch the HBO documentary "Bronx USA" on October 30 (or later On Demand). Terry and the band provide the opening (audio only) and closing (audio & on camera) theme music. Directed by Danny Gold (he recently directed the HBO documentary "If You're Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast", starring Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, and Dick Van Dyke), produced by George Shapiro (producer of Seinfeld), music composed by Charles Fox (he composed "Killing Me Softly" and "The Love Boat"). The band consists of me (on drums, of course) along with bassist Will Lee and guitarist Felicia Collins formerly from Late Show with David Letterman, and the four lead singers from the Broadway musical "Jersey Boys."

Also: Terry Silverlight's new album, Duets Remix is now available on YouTube and iTunes. And his new Music Video Fast Lane can be seen on YouTube and Vimeo.

New Song Videos:
   The Moon Tonight here or here.
   When There’s Love here or here.
   The Meaning Of Love here or here.
New Drum Videos: here.
Follow Terry at Terry Silverlight.

And Terry is included in the July 2019 issue of Modern Drummer Magazine.

Entered: October 25, 2019


Satan & Adam opens in Theaters Across the US on April 12, 2019 -- The Music Will Take You Higher
A celebration of the transformative power of music, and the bonds that develop when artists collaborate and worlds collide, documentary Satan & Adam follows a a blues duo and a fixture on Harlem's sidewalks in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Director V. Scott Balcerek pulls together over two decades of documentary footage to chart the duo's trajectory from busking in the streets of Harlem, where they were happened upon by U2 who were filming for their Rattle and Hum documentary, to bigger and bigger stages, depicting the challenges that both had to overcome to keep Satan & Adam and their friendship together.

Playing for years with artists including James Brown, Etta James and Marvin Gaye, Sterling Magee experienced the music industry's exploitation of black musicians firsthand. So he walked away to play on the Harlem streets for "his people." Reborn as Satan, he spread his gospel of freedom and became a New York City legend. When a white Jewish Ivy league scholar and musician named Adam Gussow asked if he could join him one day, both their lives took a powerful turn. Adam put aside the ivory tower life to play in the streets, and Sterling's embrace of his younger apprentice forged a sound that thrust him back in the spotlight. But life on the road took its toll on the duo, and suddenly Sterling vanished without a trace. The separation would test both men's courage, and their journey to find each other again a tale of tragedy, survival and miraculous rebirth.

World Premiere -- Tribeca Film Festival 2018
Grand Jury Prize -- 2018 Nashville Film Festival
Audience Award -- 2018 American Film Festival 2018
2018 MountainFilm
Produced by Kennedy Marshall & RYOT Films.

Watch the Trailer and order the film on iTunes.

Entered: April 5, 2019


Adam Gussow & Blues Harmonica at Firefox Ranch, Waterford, MS
See classmate Adam Gussow with an all-star lineup showcasing a lineup of teachers and performers representing thebest in traditional and contemporary blues harmonica at Firefox Ranch in Waterford, MS May 16-19, 2019. Don't miss this opportunity to get blues harmonica instruction from some of the best teachers in the world, interviews with blues elders, jam session & amazing concerts in a warm, supportive, fun-loving community of fellow blues harmonica maniacs! Oh, and delicious food! Register Here or check out the headliners.

Entered: April 4, 2019

News -- April 4, 2019

Frances Arnold on The Big Bang Theory
When competitors Pemberton and Campbell charm America on a publicity tour, Sheldon and Amy try to win over Nobel laureates Kip Thorne, George Smoot and Frances Arnold; Halley's fear of the dark leads to opportunity and conflict. Season 12, Episode 18. Aired 4/4/2019.

Entered: April 4, 2019


Whose Blues - Black Bluesism, Blues Universalism and the State of Music Today -- With Adam Gussow at Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Gulf Coast University...

...in Ft. Myers, Florida. I'll be there today (Wednesday, February 20) through Friday, on the following schedule:
2/20: delivering a lecture on the blues (5:30 PM)
2/21: playing the blues with Shine Turner (as the New Delta Jukes) in a concert of Mississippi blues headlined by Clarksdale-based Lucious Spiller, Anthony "Big A" Sherrod, and Stan Street (5 PM)
2/22: participating in a symposium on the blues with Lucious, Anthony, and Stan (12 noon).
Locations on the FGCU campus can be found below.

Entered: February 20, 2019


Frances Arnold '79 awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Frances H. Arnold '79, the Linus Pauling Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry, has won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "the directed evolution of enzymes," according to the award citation. Directed evolution, pioneered by Arnold in the early 1990s, is a bioengineering method for creating new and better enzymes in the laboratory using the principles of evolution. Today, the method is used in hundreds of laboratories and companies that make everything from laundry detergents to biofuels to medicines. Enzymes created with the technique have replaced toxic chemicals in many industrial processes.

Read more on the Nobel Prize page or the CalTech page or on Wikipedia. See an interview with her or watch her Nobel Lecture at the Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Entered: October 1, 2018


AlixPartners Names Bill Krivoshik Chief Technology Officer
New York, Nov. 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AlixPartners, the global consulting firm, today announced that Bill Krivoshik has joined as chief technology officer (CTO), effective immediately. He will work from the firm’s New York office.

A well-respected leader with over 36 years' experience in technology and operations, Bill has held a number of senior positions across a variety of companies in media and entertainment, financial services, information services and consulting.

As CTO, Bill will work closely with Interim Chief Digital Officer Rob Hornby to define and implement digital strategy for both AlixPartners and its clients. In the former role, he will lead the AlixPartners’ Corporate Services Information Technology unit and in the latter, he will lead the firm’s Engagement Technology Services group.

Read the full article.

Entered: November 16, 2017


Final 38th Reunion AG Totals -- Another Record as '79 Surpassed $25 Million Cumulative Giving!
Another Phenomenal '79 Achievement in Annual Giving

Thanks to the 438 classmates who gave this year, our great class contributed $552,674 to this year's Annual Giving campaign. That is a record for a 38th Reunion campaign, edging out the Class of '63 (which, by the way, is #1 class in total dollars given since any of us graduated). So, we sit with great company and for a great cause.

With the dollars raised during our 38th campaign, our class eclipsed $25 million in cumulative AG contributions! That's an amazing milestone, and one that no other class has reached as fast as we have. We are currently 10th on the top classes in total giving.

Overall, this year's campaign raised a record-setting $74.9 million with 56.8% of all alumni participating (plus parents, graduate alumni, and matching gifts).

Rick and I thank the incredible volunteer team who helped us during this year's campaign, and join us for a big Tiger locomotive to Weezie Sams whose three-year term as Annual Giving national chair ended on such a superb high note.

Thank you.

Rick Grove and Don Seitz

Entered: July 10, 2017


REUNIONS 2017! -- June 1-3, 2017
Join us for Reunions, our 38th. Many events on tap, including a full spectrum of Alumni-Faculty Fora, lectures & talks, social events, eating & drinking, music & dancing. What more could you want?! Details on the University Reunions Page, including links to schedules & activities.

And don't miss the Class Lunch before the P-rade Saturday (11:30 AM) in the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning (formerly known as Dial Lodge). RSVP for lunch.

Entered: May 26, 2017


Dim Sum at the Princeton Club of Chicago to Celebrate 3/8ths of A Century
Pictured are (L-R) Paul Ford, Roger Schmitt & Mike Walsh, who attended the Class 3/8ths of A Century Celebration as part of the Princeton Club of Chicago's Dim Sum event.

Entered: February 4, 2017


Quick AG Update -- 79/50
Please consider a gift to Annual Giving this year, and help the great class of '79 reach 50% participation. To give, simply go to makeagift.princeton.edu or call 800.258.5421 within the U.S. or 609.258.3373 internationally.

Thanks from Don Seitz and Rick Grove. 79/50

Entered: February 3, 2017


John Sharify's TED Talk
Storyteller and filmmaker John Sharify is General Manager of Seattle Community College's Television and contributing reporter for KING 5 News, John Sharify is a 47 time Emmy award winner who has whole-heartedly devoted himself to the art of storytelling in film and television as he trains his lens on tales of hope, change, and the miracle of redemption. Watch it here. [This was originally posted in 2012, but we just became aware of it.]

Entered: October 1, 2016


Bill Ford discussed the Ford GT & autonomous cars
Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford dropped by the studio of CBS This Morning with the No. 66 Ford GT race car in tow, but it wasn’t long into his interview with the program’s personalities that the conversation turned away from racing and high-performance road cars, and toward a discussion of the future of autonomous vehicles.

The day when self-driving cars become the norm is indeed coming, says Bill Ford. “We are working very hard on autonomous driving, but… a car like [the Ford GT] is a driver’s dream,” he told CBS This Morning. “And so, we’re going to be a bit schizophrenic for a while, and that’s just the world we’re going to live in; we’re going to have autonomous vehicles on the road with vehicles that are being driven by people.”

Mr. Bill Ford went on to reiterate that the automaker established by his great-grandfather will ensure that self-driving cars are “introduced in a very measured way,” starting with populated urban centers before spreading out to more rural areas. “We’re going to live kind of in this bifurcated world of urban transportation – which will change dramatically – and then… the rest of transportation, which will change, but more slowly,” he said.

But ultimately, the end result is the same; Bill Ford believes that all road-going cars will eventually become self-driving, although he didn’t provide a timeline for that transition.

“But, you know, I love to drive, and… I’m a car nut, and will always be, so will I access autonomous vehicles? Sure I will, for some things, but I’ll also want to get in my car and drive for other things.”

Read more: here, here, and watch videos here, here, here, here & here.

Entered: August 31, 2016


David Yellen named the 4th President of Marist College
David N. Yellen became the fourth President of Marist College on July 1, 2016. He previously served as Dean and Professor of Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law for 11 years. Prior to his position at Loyola, he was a member of the faculty of Hofstra Law School, holding the Max Schmertz Distinguished Professorship and serving as Dean. He was also the Reuschlein Distinguished Visiting Professor at Villanova University School of Law and was a visiting professor at Cornell Law School and New York Law School.

President Yellen’s major area of academic expertise is criminal law, particularly sentencing and juvenile justice. He has written widely about these issues, advised President Bill Clinton’s transition team on white collar crime, and argued a federal sentencing case before the United States Supreme Court. Outside of academia, he was appointed Special Master by Cook County Criminal Division Presiding Judge Paul P. Biebel Jr., working to identify inmates who may be entitled to new trials after having suffered torture by a former Chicago police commander. President Yellen also served on the Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council and was a member of the Board of Directors of Cook County Justice for Children.

Throughout his career, President Yellen has been very involved in legal education leadership and reform efforts. He served for six years on the Standards Review Committee of the American Bar Association’s Section on Legal Education. He chaired the New Deans workshop and the Deans’ Midyear meeting. He also chaired numerous accreditation site visits and served on the ABA’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Education. In 2015, President Yellen was listed at #7 on National Jurist magazine’s list of the 25 Most Influential People in Legal Education.

President Yellen earned his B.A. magna cum laude from Princeton University and his J.D. cum laude from Cornell Law School. After law school, he clerked for a federal judge, practiced law in Washington, D.C., and served as counsel to the Judiciary Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. He is a member of the Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council, the Board of Directors of the Constitutional Rights Foundation of Chicago, and is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

President Yellen’s wife, Leslie Richards-Yellen, serves as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Partner at the law firm of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in New York City. The couple, who met as law students at Cornell, have three adult daughters, Jordan, Meredith, and Bailey.

Read more Here

Entered: July 1, 2016


Lisa McFarlane named 15th Principal of Exeter Academy
The Trustees of Phillips Exeter Academy announced today that they have chosen Lisa MacFarlane to lead the school as the next principal instructor. She succeeds Tom Hassan, who announced his retirement last July.
MacFarlane was previously the provost and vice president for academic affairs at the University of New Hampshire, where she was the chief academic officer responsible for integrating teaching, research and engagement.
Read more.

Entered: January 30, 2015


Evolution Gets an Artist -- Mother Nature Meet Frances Arnold '79
Other people breed puppies. Frances Arnold '79 breeds proteins by rewriting their DNA. Cover story in PAW, October 22, 2014. See also her TED Talk.

Entered: October 22, 2014


Mark Schlissel named President of the University of Michigan
With a unanimous vote of the Board of Regents, Dr. Mark S. Schlissel on Friday was appointed the 14th president of the University of Michigan. The vote took place during a special meeting of the board at the Michigan Union.
Read more: A, B, C, D.

Entered: January 24, 2014


Alexande Wolff is Tiger of the Week
From PAW: As a boy growing up in Princeton, Alexander Wolff ’79 was too young to remember Bill Bradley ’65’s time on the hardwood at Dillon Gym. But when Wolff’s parents, who were not basketball fans, followed the star forward’s career, Wolff said he had “this vague sense that I was missing something important.”

In the last three decades, Wolff has not missed many important basketball stories, chronicling the game at all levels – and in several countries – for Sports Illustrated. On Thursday, Wolff and broadcaster Jim Durham will receive this year’s Curt Gowdy Media Awards at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. The Gowdy Awards, first presented in 1990, recognize writers and broadcasters who’ve made “outstanding contributions to basketball.”

Wolff joined Sports Illustrated in 1980, shortly after graduation, but his first experiences as a reporter came during his undergraduate years at Princeton. His family had left for Rochester, N.Y., when Wolff was 12, and when he returned as a freshman, Princeton’s basketball reputation was reaching another peak, following its 1975 NIT Championship. Wolff typed play-by-play reports for the athletic communications office at Tiger football and basketball games, and he wrote news stories for the Trenton Times as a member of the University Press Club.

In 1976, Wolff was at his family’s home in Rochester for holiday break, and Pete Carril’s Tigers came to town for the Kodak Classic. Wolff offered to cover the games for the Trenton Times; longtime columnist Harvey Yavener agreed to use the stories. Wolff’s “first real taste of basketball journalism” ended with a Princeton championship – the Tigers beat Ohio State and St. Bonaventure to claim the tournament crown.

In addition to covering basketball, Wolff has written about tennis, cycling, the Olympics, and several other topics. Most recently, he reported on prosthetic limbs and paralympians in the Aug. 8 issue of Sports Illustrated.

“If it’s a good story, I want to be a part of it,” Wolff said. “I’ve found that basketball delivers a good story pretty reliably.”

Entered: July 6, 2011

Princeton to host Women's Conference, April 28-May 1

All undergraduate and graduate alumnae are invited back to campus this spring for "She Roars: Celebrating Women at Princeton," a gathering in celebration of and for Princeton's undergraduate and graduate alumnae, Thursday through Sunday, April 28-May 1. Hear from President Shirley M. Tilghman and keynote speakers Andrea Jung '79, Lisa Jackson *86, Sonia Sotomayor '76 and Wendy Kopp '89. Participate in lively discussions with women spanning the generations. Before the conference, join the conversations on Facebook, LinkedIn and the Women-Connect Discussion Group on TigerNet to let your friends and classmates know that you plan to attend. The latest information on the conference, including registration and social media links, is available now here.

Terry Silverlight to perform May 18

Join Terry for his band's latest performance at 8:00 PM at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street, New York City. Along with Terry on drums, the band includes Will Lee on bass (Late Show with David Letterman orchestra), and Barry Miles '69 on piano. Maybe it's time for another class field trip? Last time was a lot of fun. For more details, and to RSVP, click here.

Alumnus Powers To Speak On Capital Markets

Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010, 8 p.m. � Computer Science Building, Room 104

Investor and philanthropist William C. Powers, a 1979 Princeton University alumnus, will share his insights in "A Tiger's Journey Through the Capital Markets 1983-2010," this year's G. S. Beckwith Gilbert '63 Lecture, at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 21, in the Computer Science Building, Room 104. A reception will follow.

Ethan Coen's A Serious Man nominated for 2010 Oscar

The 2009 film by Joel and Ethan Coen was nominated for 2 Oscars (Best Motion Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen), as well as a slew of other awards. Check Ethan's Film Biography here. Google the film for lots of links, trailers, photos, reviews, etc.

Naomi Schalit Named Executive Director
of the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence

The Maine Coaliton to End Domestic Violence is pleased to announce that Naomi Schalit has been hired as Executive Director. Laurie Folgelman, Board Chair and Executive Director of The Next Step in Hancock and Washington Counties, said, "The Executive Director Search Committee and the Board of Directors join me in welcoming Naomi Schalit as the new MCEDV Executive Director. Ms. Schalit is an articulate and experienced professional who brings a remarkable history of collaboration and leadership to her new position. Building on the substantial momentum that MCEDV has gained from Julia Colpitts as interim director, Naomi will guide the Coalition with intelligence and creativity into the next decade. We are excited to have this vibrant leader as our new executive director."

Naomi Schalit has spent the last 15 years deeply engaged with public affairs in Maine. As a writer and columnist for the Maine Times, a reporter and producer for Maine Public Radio, an environmental advocate at Maine Rivers and as the Opinion Page Editor for the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel, she has dug into the issues and problems facing the state and its residents.

Schalit joined the Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel as Opinion page editor in April 2005. After only a year on the job, she won first place in the New England AP News Editors� competition for editorial writing. She was the recipient of a 2007 Publick Occurrences Award from the New England Newspaper Association, Honorable Mention in the Anna Quindlen Award for 2007, Runner-up in the 2007 Casey Journalism Awards and First Place for editorial writing in the 2007 National Sigma Delta Chi Awards, all for her multi-part editorial series on hunger in Maine, "For I Was Hungry." That series also earned her the first �Force for Good� award given by Portland non-profit Preble Street. Her essay about domestic violence, "Difficult to stop abuse -- I know," just won first place in the Maine Press Association's annual competition and while at the newspapers, she produced two full op-ed pages devoted to the problem of domestic violence in Maine.

"I am honored to have been selected by the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence as their new executive director," Schalit said. "As a survivor of domestic violence, I am intimately aware of how terrible and destructive it is. I look forward to working with the board, staff and volunteers across the state, as well as with lawmakers and agency staff, to help those brutalized by domestic violence and do all we can to prevent it from happening in the first place."

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence includes nine member projects across the state. The Coalition welcomes Schalit in mid-November, at a new office in Augusta. For more information about the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, please visit www.mcedv.org. For more information, please contact: Naomi Schalit, Executive Director, 207-720-1643 or Laurie Fogelman, Board Chair, 207-667-0176

Terry Silverlight Releases A New CD
Diamond In The Riff

Drummer/composer TERRY SILVERLIGHT re-unites with great pianist/composer BARRY MILES '69, bassist extraordinaire Will Lee, and David Mann, Aaron Heick, Glenn Alexander, Tabitha Fair, Lew Soloff, Bob Malach, Larry Farrell, and Allan Molnar on this new CD. Available from terrysilverlight.com, CDBaby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, myspace, or check him out on youtube.

Separately, Terry will perform with his band, including Barry Miles '69 and Will Lee, at The Cutting Room on Wednesday, November 12, 2008, at 7:30 PM. Location: 19 West 24th Street, NY, NY 10010. Phone 212-691-1900. Tickets: TheCuttingRoomNYC.com.

'79 Gift to Jazz Program

A $4 million gift from Anthony H. P. Lee to Princeton's jazz program will strengthen and enhance the study and performance of jazz at Princeton, providing resources for undergraduate and graduate research, coursework and visiting faculty in the Department of Music and the Center for African American Studies. For more details, click here.

Princeton '79 in Southern California

Although Reunions are coming up, not all of us out here (about 50 total) can go back to Princeton in June to participate in class activities. So we have decided to organize a few activities of our own here in Southern California so we can get reacquainted as Class of 1979 members.

Don't use your family as an excuse for not participating since we plan to have family friendly events as well. Beside the JPL event below, other upcoming events in the works are a visit to the Getty Villa and/or the Griffith Observatory and a mini reunion on December 1st, during Princeton�s Los Angeles Regional Conference. If you have any other ideas for events or want to help out, feel free to contact me at TigerClass79 at yahoo.com.

--Norma Iris Garcia �79, Class of 79 Southern California Regional Vice-President

If you are in Southern California, or would like to be, on May 20th, join the gang at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory Open House
4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena
Sun, May 20th- 9:00am-5:00pm

Join me, other classmates and their families for this special once a year event. Not a class reunions, but fun still. Send me an e-mail at TigerClass79 at yahoo.com with your name and contact information to let me know you are coming, so we can set up a rendezvous at the open house. --Norma


Come celebrate JPL�s accomplishments with exhibits and demonstrations about the Laboratory's ongoing research and space exploration. Many of the Lab's scientists and engineers will be on hand to answer questions about how spacecraft are sent to other planets, how scientists utilize space technologies to explore Earth and how researchers are now searching for planets beyond the solar system. Visitors will see exhibits, displays, demonstrations and presentations about new technologies, solar system exploration, spacecraft communication and much more.

The Open House is a fun and educational experience for children too, with special hands-on activities designed for kids. Food and beverages will be available, along with space souvenirs and NASA and JPL merchandise. Buses will move people between several locations around the facility. Walking is required to some locations. So make plans now to visit JPL and experience the thrill of space exploration!

Free Admission & Parking. JPL is located at 4800 Oak Grove Drive in Pasadena, off the 210 (Foothill) Freeway at the Berkshire Avenue/Oak Grove Drive exit. Parking is available near the Oak Grove main gate and the eastern boundary of JPL, accessible from Windsor Avenue via the Arroyo Boulevard exit off the 210 Freeway.

Note: Visitors, vehicles and personal belongings are subject to inspection. No backpacks or ice chests are allowed, with the exception of small purses and diaper bags. Food will be available for purchase (cash only). ATMs will be available. For more information, about the JPL open house, call directly at JPL at (818) 354-0112.

Terry Silverlight's Band Performs, April 26, 2007

The Terry Silverlight Band will be performing two shows on Thursday, April 26, 2007, at The Cutting Room, 19 West 24th Street, Manhattan (212-691-1900). The shows are at 7:30 and 9:30 PM. Terry's band includes his brother, Barry Miles '69, on piano, Will Lee (from the Late Night with David Letterman band) on bass, and others. Those who attended a performance of Terry's band in 2005 had a great time. It would be great if the class had a presence at this show as well. Anyone interested in a field trip?

Terry also has a new drum instruction book out, THE STICK BAG BOOK OF JAZZ, FUNK, FUSION published by Music Sales. Along with Terry's other book, THE FEATURED DRUMMER, it's available at Barnes & Noble, Borders and all stores brick and mortar or online that sell music books. If they're not on the shelf, the store should be able to order them. My son has used Terry's earlier book and really liked it.

A Note From Tom Olausson

Please, reserve Monday February 12, 2007 for the first-ever All Ivy get-together in Sweden. We'll meet for an informal gathering at 7 pm; Operabaren, Karl XII:s Torg in Stockholm.
Kind regards,
Contact Info: Mr. Thomas Olausson �79
Chair, AAP of Sweden
Artemisgatan 4
115 42 Stockholm
Tel +46 (0)730 39 20 70
+46 (0) 8 39 36 72

I V Y      C H A M P S ! ! !

Football is Ivy Champs and Undefeated on 'Billy Turf'

Princeton football today (November 18) beat Dartmoouth to finish the season 9-1 and win a share of the Ivy Championship. Yale, who we beat last week, beat Harvard to share the title with us. Perhaps more notable, today's game left the Princeton Football team undefeated on "Billy Turf." At halftime, the crowd was informed that the field inside Princeton Stadium will now be known as Powers Field. Bill and Carolyn Powers were there to celebrate, and to announce the major gift of the Powers Family to Princeton Athletics.

Click here to check the final league standings, and Princeton Statistics.

Christine Brady and The Americas Foundation in PAW

In case you missed it, the September 27, 2006 PAW had an Alumni Spotlight on our own Christine Brady and her work in Tijuana. The Americas Foundation has been a class service project since our 15th Reunion; quite a few classmates have contributed money, supplies and sweat equity to help build Christine's schools. She was the recipient of the United Nations Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award in October 2005. You can read the article from PAW or find out more about The Americas Foundation or email Christine.

Fisher Hall to Join Whitman College

The Fisher family has announced that it will fund a new dormitory in the Whitman College complex, to be named Fisher Hall, as well as three classrooms, in honor of Robert '76, William '79 and John '83. Read all the details here. Way to go Bill!

FieldTurf Artificial Surface Debuts in Princeton Stadium

Princeton Football defeated Lafayette 26-14 on September 23. Now most of you wouldn't care about that. But what makes it special is that this was the first game played on the new FieldTurf artificial surface installed during the off-season. And what makes that worth noting is that it was provided through the generosity of football alum and classmate Bill Powers. An ardent supported of Princeton Football over the years, Bill has outdone himself here. But perhaps this is because he felt a special connection with the grass in the old Palmer Stadium. (Footballers will understand.) So if you run into Bill, give him a big locomotive for the entire class!

Terry Silverlight in Japan and New York

From late June until early July, Terry Silverlight was in Japan with the Manhattan Jazz Orchestra, a 16-piece big band. He is next playing two sets in New York City, on July 11, at 10 PM, at the Metropolitan Cafe, 959 First Avenue (between 52nd and 53rd Streets). Their phone is 212-759-5600. Terry will be playing with his brother, Barry Miles '69, on keyboards and with Will Lee on bass. Also, David Mann on sax and Tony Kadleck on trumpet. The promo says 'No Cover -- No Charge' and the kitchen is open until midnight! Any classmates in the are are invited to drop in. See Terry's website for details.

Bash for the Bayou - February 28

Please see the following message re an event in NYC sponsored by Princeton Alumni, Class of 2005, to help rebuild areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Dear Princeton Alums of Connecticut,

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I have been wondering what I can do to help and how the Princeton community can help. As Alums in the Tri-State area, I wanted to let you know about an event that has been organized by a group of alumni from Princeton's Class of 2005 to help raise funds for the continued effort to rebuild the areas affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Along with several of my Princeton '05 classmates, we decided to organize a series of fundraising events to collect donations, which we will then forward to organizations providing short- and long-term assistance in the affected regions. We had an incredibly successful and enjoyable event in September at the French Quarter, a New Orleans-themed restaurant and bar in Manhattan, where we held a Cocktail reception and Silent Auction. About 60 alums attended, allowing us to donate over $2,000 to Habitat for Humanity.

Based on the success of our first event, we have high hopes that our second event will be even more successful! The details are below. I also invite you to visit our website (Bash for the Bayou) for additional information and to reserve tickets as well.

Mardi Gras Bash for the Bayou

Feb. 28, 2006, 7 - 9:30PM
at the Princeton Club of New York
15 W. 43rd Street, between 5th and 6th Aves.
Featuring live jazz, a silent auction, and New Orleans buffet

This event is being sponsored by the Princeton Association of New York City, the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni, the Association of Black Princeton Alumni, and the Princeton Women's Network of New York City. All proceeds from our second event will go to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)'s Hurricane Recovery and Rebuilding Fund, an organization we feel has played and will continue to play a large and effective role in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast communities.

I hope that many of you will consider attending this event and encouraging any of your colleagues in the area to attend as well! It should be a wonderful evening to benefit an important cause.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Casey Degen
Cell 610-716-2492

Laura Munzer's New Album

Laura Munzer and her husband, Dennis Kruithof, have released their first album, Riches and Pleasures, on their Heartwood label. Go to their website and check it out, listen to some tunes, and order your copy.

Somers Randolph Sculpture

Somers Randolph: Somers Randolph Sculpture � Santa Fe Hosts Santa Fe, NM (505) 986-0288 Visit the sculpture and jewelry studios of Somers and Hillary Randolph. This creative duo lives just two miles from the Santa Fe Plaza on Museum Hill. Meet the artists, witness large scale stone carving firsthand, tour their sculpture garden and see some of the best views in Santa Fe. A winner of the coveted Santa Fe Host Award, Somers� and Hillary Randolph�s friendly and informative studio tour is an art collector�s Santa Fe dream come true. By appointment: (505) 986-0288.
By the way, the sculpture to the right is called Large Orange Alabaster on White Colorado Yule Marble and is 38" x 29" x 10". It can be yours for a mere $28,000.

Class of 1979 Amends the US Constitution?!

Lissa with Arnold and
husband David Jones

Mimi Chen
Rediculous you say! Maybe not, if you talk to two of our classmates, Lissa Morgenthaler-Jones and Mimi Chen, who have started AmendUS.org (also known as Amend for Arnold), the campaign to amend Article 2 of the US Constitution to allow naturalized citizens (i.e. Arnold Schwarzenegger) to be eligible to run for President. They have been picking up endorsements and support, now with activists in all 50 states. The Mercury News wrote that they are "a pair of Princeton-educated women who can write Web copy with sass." Read about them in The Mercury News. Check out the comments on CNN's Inside Politics, or an interview (and a good photo) with Lissa on Sacbee Press Club. I recommend watching their first tv commercial.

PAW must read this site! Check out the Profile in the Class Notes section of the March 9, 2005 PAW (page 45) or online. (See also Rick Curtis on the last page [online].)

Terry Silverlight Performs at Birdland
Terry Silverlight and his band (including famed bassist Will Lee) performed for four nights in August 2005 at the famous Birdland Jazz Club in New York City. We made a class trip to hear him on Friday, August 5, 2005. The small group in attendance had a great time, listening to the band perform Terry's original compositions. For photos, see the Terry Silverlight page.
Valerie Erwin Opens New Philadelphia Restaurant
Classmate Valerie Erwin opens a new restaurant in Philadelphia's Germantown neighborhood. The Geechee Girl Rice Cafe is located at 5946 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA and on the web at www.GeecheeGirlRiceCafe.com. Read about it in the Class Notes section of the March 21, 2005 PAW.

Bob Ehrlich honored at Ivy Football Dinner

On Thursday night, January 27th, 2005, classmate and Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich was honored as the Princeton representative at the 3rd annual Ivy League Football Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. There was a distinguished panel of honorees from each of the Ivy schools, including Jeffrey Immelt, Dartmouth '78, CEO of General Electric and William Campbell, Columbia '62, Chairman of Intuit. Classmates in attendance included Greg Bauman, Gary Demas, Jack Freker, Steve Garza, Mark Goldstrom, Bob Kautzmann, Hank Lubin, Tim Manahan, Paul Patrello, Bill Powers, Steve Tishman, Kevin Weiss (all the way from London) and the ever elusive John Wilson. (If you were there and I forgot you, my apologies. Send me an email and I'll add you.) Also attending were current Head Football Coach Roger Hughes, Head Coach during most of our years Bob Casciola, recently-retired equipment manager and everybody's mentor Hank Towns, an occasional wife (Phyllis Ann Freker, Ann Marie Kautzman, Erica Tishman), Bob's parents and wife Kendal, and almost 1200 of the honoree's best friends. Also NY Governor Pataki and a select group of retired NFL players (Ivy alumns all)

Kathy Reimann guests at Dean's Roundtable at NYU Law School

From the NYU Law School website: Regularly during the school year, the Dean hosts roundtable discussions with prominent guests who have utilized their law degrees in a variety of nontraditional ways. Over lunch with a small group of students, guests speak autobiographically about their work experiences, sharing valuable advice and insight about how they found their chosen path. Kathryn S. Reimann (�82) will be the guest at the Dean�s Roundtable on Thursday, February 3, 2005. Ms. Reimann is the Chief Compliance Officer and a Senior Vice President of American Express Company. In this role, she oversees compliance for the company�s global credit and charge cards, banking and travel related businesses, and international financial services. She joined the company as Chief Compliance Officer for American Express Bank in September 1998, and also continues to hold this position. Before joining American Express Bank, Ms. Reimann spent nine years at Lehman Brothers, which she joined as a litigator in 1989. Prior to that, she was a senior attorney at Dean Witter Reynolds Inc.; a litigation associate at Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle; and a law clerk for the Honorable Stewart G. Pollack of the New Jersey Supreme Court. Ms. Reimann graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a B.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. She received a J.D. degree from New York University School of Law. Ms. Reimann is a member of the New York Bar. The Dean�s roundtables are open to all interested NYU Law students on a first-come, first-served basis, with attendance limited to 18. The roundtables will begin at 12:30 p.m. in Snow Dining Room on the fourth floor of Vanderbilt Hall. Lunch will be served. If you would like to attend a roundtable, please sign up in advance by calling Karen Mengers-O�Brien at (212) 998-6003 or by emailing her at mengersk@juris.law.nyu.edu. Please indicate whether you have any dietary restrictions.

Sharify Wins Emmys

Shahab (John) Sharify won 6 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards recently. John reports for KOMO/4 in Seattle, Washington. He won the following awards:

  • Achievement in a General News Story: KOMO/4, "Homefront", John Sharify, Reporter/Writer
  • Achievement in a Feature News Story: KOMO/4, "Amy's Story", Amy Svitak, Reporter/Photographer, John Sharify, Reporter/Producer, Tim Griffis, Editor
  • Achievement in a Same Day News Story: KOMO/4, "Did You Feel It?" John Sharify, Reporter/Writer, Scott Hopson, Photographer/Editor
  • Achievement in News Series: KOMO/4, "Homefront", John Sharify, Writer/Reporter, Chad Ross, Editor, Tri Ngo, Editor
  • Achievement in an Informational Special or Series: KOMO/4, "Helping the Homeless", John Sharify, Reporter/Writer, Darrin Tegman, Editor, Alissa Teel, Producer
  • Best News Writer: John Sharify, KOMO/4, "Sharify's Stories"

Read more about John at http://komo1000news.com/people/john_sharify.asp, http://www.komotv.com/news/story.asp?ID=25596, and http://natas-seattle.org/people/.

Jim Sturm Honored

Jim Sturm, Professor of Electrical Engineering and director of the Center for Photonics and Opto-Electronic Materials, was named as one of four faculty members to receive The President's Award for Distinguished Teaching at Commencement ceremonies on June 1. Here is some text from the press release:

The awards were established in 1991 through gifts by Princeton alumni Lloyd Cotsen '50 and John Sherrerd '52 to recognize excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching by Princeton faculty members. Each winner receives a cash prize of $5,000, and his or her department receives $3,000 for the purchase of new books.

A committee of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students and academic administrators selected the winners from nominations by current students, faculty colleagues and alumni.

Sturm, who earned his B.S.E. degree from Princeton in 1979, joined the faculty in 1986. His teaching and research interests range from advanced materials and nanostructures for integrated circuits and large-area displays to the interface of nanotechnology and biology. He has revamped or created new courses and laboratories for engineering students as well as for non-engineering students. In 1993-94, he led the complete overhaul of the electrical engineering undergraduate curriculum. He was named director of the new Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials in 2003.

"Jim has enriched the educational experience of many students at Princeton, both directly through his teaching and mentoring and indirectly through his curriculum and laboratory innovations," wrote one colleague. He previously has won numerous awards for teaching excellence from the School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Keck Foundation.

"In one of my early electronic device courses with him, I remember the first few lectures were so shockingly lucid that it was like being hit on the head with a hammer," wrote one former student. "Jim has a way of explaining things to students that makes us wonder why in the world we hadn't understood this before."

Other students wrote of the positive impact Sturm has had on their career choices and their lives. "Professor Sturm has been one of the most important influences on my career," wrote another former student. "In many cases, he made comments and suggestions which directed me in my career, many of which I still reflect upon."

Maryland's New Governor

In dramatic fashion, classmate Bob Ehrlich came from almost 30 points behind in the polls to defeat incumbent Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in the race for Governor of Maryland! He was inaugurated on January 15, 2003. In doing so, he becomes the first Republican Governor in the State of Maryland since Spiro Agnew. (Let's hope history is kinder to Bob!) Go to the Maryland Governor's site or Bob's Campaign Website for more information.
Chrisine Brady and The Little Prince

Christine Brady's school (Colegio la Esperanza) in Tijuana, Mexico, presented the Little Prince Ballet on July 7th, 2002. They have provided some photos on their website www.americasfoundation.net. You can access the photo collection from the home page by clicking View our first pictures ! (thanks Marv Lyons) under the Little Prince or by clicking here. Click on the thumbnail version (small picture) to see a larger version of each photograph.
23rd Reunion -- 2002

Click on Reunions to the left or here to get all the details on this year's festivities.
Bill Ford On The Cover

Check out the PAW for March 27, 2002. Bill Ford made the cover. Click here for the full text of the PAW article.
Sturm was Interim Dean

Jim Sturm, professor of electrical engineering and director of the Center for Photonics and Opto-Electronic Materials, served as interim dean through December, 2002, when he was replaced by Maria Klawe, a computer scientist and dean of science at the University of British Columbia. This was announced by President Tilghman in June.
New Online Publication for Princeton Alumni/Students

There's a new publication by a Princeton alum, Eric Lubell '76. You can find it at The Independent. I've checked it out; it's pretty interesting.

Chris Retrievi Honored by Generous Gift

Classmate Chris Retrievi and Princeton Wrestling were the recipients recently of a generous gift from sister Kim '80. A long-time wrestling fan herself, Kim donated $250,000 to Princeton Wrestling in both of their names, to honor Chris, who wrestled for four years. Read the whole story here from the Princeton Varsity Club Newsletter.

Also in the same issue, David E. Kelley is mentioned. Abbey Fox, '01, a psychology major, and the third leading scorer on the Princeton Women's Hockey Team this year, mentioned to Bo Torrey, '78, who coaches hockey with her father in Michigan, that she was interested in Hollywood. Torrey played hockey at Princeton with Kelley, who captained the 1978-79 team. A few phone calls later Abbey had an interview with David E. Kelley Productions, where she has worked the past two summers. Read the whole story from the Princeton Varsity Club Newsletter here. And come back soon for a compendium of links to follow our classmate's amazing career.